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The sick, the bad, and the lovely

Sad Baby photo sadbaby2.jpg
Margaret has her first tummy bug and I'm pretty gutted about it (pun!). I've always been a hater of puke though. Call me a sympathetic puker but as soon as I hear, see, smell, or even think too hard about puking and I'll feel the urge coming. I would become SO focused on VOMIT that I literally couldn't think about anything else. At least, until now that is. Now I'm less worried about the puke and more worried about my poor, sick baby. This morning I texted my mom, "...I've been vomited on three times today. And you know how I know I'm a Mom now? Because I don't care. I just care about my sick baby." And it's true!

Margaret was red faced and exhausted, barely able to keep her eyes open, and crying in pain in confusion; my heart just broke. I was so sad for Margaret that I felt like crying when Phil said, "Do you know what I remember about being sick as a kid? I remember my mum cuddling me. I don't remember being sick." And it's true! Aside from one traumatic food poisoning event, I largely don't remember what it was like being sick as a kid. I remember that I got sick but I don't really have much memory of the sickness itself. Do you know what I DO remember? I remember that my mom always took really good care of us. As soon as we were feeling ill she would put a cool hand to our foreheads to assess if we were feverish. Then she'd whisk us to the couch and promptly tuck us in with the softest blankets and put a movie on. We were handed hot soups and popsicles with plenty of water and Sprite nearby, only things that were easy on our tummy. She carefully placed a trashcan nearby to catch any vomit and rubbed our backs afterwards to comfort us. Do you know what I remember? I remember feeling special. She would drop everything to nurse us back to health. I remember WISHING and HOPING for a fever to overtake me because a sick day was AWESOME with mom at my side.

Phil's gentle words made me feel better. Even though I can only ride this out with Margaret until she feels better I know that I'm doing everything I can to comfort her and be with her. I know that my singing softly to her while she falls asleep in my arms for the umpteenth time today COUNTS. Love is doing as much as saying.

What you're doing counts, Mamas. Don't be so hard on yourself. You're doing a great job. x


  1. What a beautifully worded post Talia . . . I don't have those memories, however, I hope, trust and believe I am creating them for my children.
    And yup being puked on isn't so bad when your main concern is your wee one

  2. Praying Margaret is feeling better soon! I can understand now as a mom myself how important 'love in action' is and how selfless I need to be for our son. Thank you for the encouraging words!

  3. What a gorgeous post Talia :) Feeling for your child and wanting to make them feel better throws just about all other concerns out the window. The feeling of love, security and being cared for is what counts and what we remember - good on you both for recalling such a lovely thing :) Hope your little dot feels better really soon x

  4. Hope your littlest one is better very soon. Such a lovely post about something not so lovely, and as I read, I realised my memories of being unwell as a child definitely centre around the care and not the illness. My mum always gave me apple quarters in a plastic cup :) xx

  5. I LOVE this post! I agree with the comments above - a beautiful post on an icky topic! I have the same memories of my Mum taking care of me - running her hands throw my hair, patting my back and giving me a little bell so I could ring it when I needed something :) ... I also have strong memories of the smell of disinfectant ... although this is much better than the smell of puke!

  6. Yes that's so right!! My memory is of the comfort of mum rubbing my back and pulling my hair back......and for me with my babes is rocking them in my arms to sleep....precious memories :)
    Beautifully written!

  7. Oh i just cried when i read those last sentences. I needed to hear that. I so often feel like what i "Do" doesn't count because it just goes on and on. . . Lovely post and can i just say your girls are absolutely stunning even when they are unwell :)

  8. A mother’s love is indeed incomparable. Your post just melted my heart and caused me to reminisce how my mother took care of me whenever I got sick. The love and care you give to Margaret is something you have inherited from your mom, and that’s the greatest treasure any child can get. Anyway, thanks for sharing your lovely thoughts, Talia! All the best to you!

    Angela Gibbs @ MedCare Pediatric


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