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In Stitches: Navy 3/4 Tee for Audrey

Navy T-Shirt - In Stitches 2014 photo tee_A1.jpg
Navy T-Shirt - In Stitches 2014 photo TEE_A2.jpg
Navy T-Shirt - In Stitches 2014 photo TEE_A3.jpg
Navy T-Shirt - In Stitches 2014 photo TEE_A4.jpg

YEWW! My first (successful) self-drafted pattern! I had this stretchy, soft knit lying around for ages and wanted to make Audrey a t-shirt out of it since she is running out of her basics. I borrowed a friend's overlocker for the first time and lemme tell you... life changing! I've made four t-shirts because it's so LOVELY to use! QUICK! Gotta go make some more...

I don't have much to say about this shirt except that it's exactly what I wanted (which up until recently rarely ever happened!). It's casual, comfy, and baggy in a fits-just-right sort of way. The banding around the arms that matches the neckline gives it a special touch. The only thing is that I haven't hemmed the bottom because I ran out of navy thread, but I kind of like how knits just roll up and don't fray! Definitely loving this shirt. I'll be making more of these!



  1. She is so cute modelling her new tshirt!
    And Overlockers are such a dream! makes sewing knits so enjoyable ( when its set up properly that is )
    So great to see your progress and the enjoyment you are experiencing from experimenting and learning all these new techniques....awesome!

  2. Well done to you Talia! The tee worked out so well! Don't you just love the over locker! Not sure how I ever lived without one before I got mine :)

    Sophie xo

    P.S Am loving those gorgeous little shoes too and that illustrated leg :)


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