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9/52 + Zeal Acoustic Evening

9/52 Audrey - 2014 / Zeal - Acoustic Evening photo _MG_6039.jpg
9/52 Margaret - 2014 / Zeal - Acoustic Evening photo _MG_6045.jpg
Photos by Victor Alexeyev

"A portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Audrey: This photo really struck me with how Audrey's world looks to her. She'll often cling to my legs and beg to be lifted up and this powerful image shows just how overwhelming it might be for a toddler in an adult world.
Margaret: Clinging to her Papa before the show.

Previous portraits here:

The photos this week were taken by our friend Victor Alexeyev before an outdoor Zeal show here in Hamilton. Phil was headlining, so me and the girls came along for soundcheck. Victor snapped some beautiful shots of the evening and I had to share them with you and include the portraits of the girls in the 52 Project.

Click to see more shots of the Zeal Acoustic Evening

Zeal - Acoustic Evening photo _MG_5991.jpg
Zeal - Acoustic Evening photo _MG_6002.jpg
Zeal - Acoustic Evening photo _MG_6044.jpg
Zeal - Acoustic Evening photo _MG_6062.jpg
Zeal - Acoustic Evening photo _MG_6058.jpg

As it turns out, it started raining after Phil played two songs. So bumming! I was at home with the girls at the point, but I was still bummed all the same. Did you know that Phil is recording a new EP? It's sounding AMAZING and I can't wait to share it with you guys. Also, Phil designed the cover for it and it's so impressive. THAT GUY. He's so GOOD AT STUFF!

Check out the previous EP - I Am A'Roaming - at the van der Wel bandcamp page. It's grooood.

Thank you, Victor for capturing some stunning moments of the evening! I'll treasure these. (Actually theres more from the evening somewhere but I can't seem to find them and the baby is chewing some unidentified object so. yeah. signing off!)


  1. Goodness, what amazing photographs! And how exciting that your talented hubby is recording another EP. :)


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