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In Stitches: Yellow Floral PJ's

Yellow Floral PJs photo yellowPJs.jpg
Yellow Floral PJs photo yellowPJs2.jpg
Yellow Floral PJs photo yellowPJs3.jpg
Yellow Floral PJs photo yellowPJs4.jpg
Yellow Floral PJs photo yellowPJs5.jpg

Part of the In Stitches project means that we're not buying any new clothes for the girls (or for me) this year. This means that we've run out of things for Audrey in her size and we have no winter clothes. With Autumn upon us, Audrey can no longer just sleep in a T-shirt. I needed to make some pajamas that are warm, but not too warm. The result is great! Now we have leggings and a matching Tee in a lovely floral knit fabric. The fabric was gifted to me by Louana in the Sew Sweet Swap. And I love it! What's more. Audrey loves her new pajamas.

The project was really quick to sew up. Phil left a bit before 5:00PM and by the time he came back just after 6:00PM I had dinner prepped and brand new pajamas. FIST PUMP. How's that for productive? ;)

It's hard to tell in the photos, but the neckline binding on the T-shirt is just the main fabric turned inside out so that it's a lighter yellow. Quite effective!

Fabric: knit fabric, gifted by Louana
Pants Pattern: Go-To Leggings
T-Shirt Pattern: Self drafted

I'm so pleased with how they turned out! I have some leggings cut out for Margaret and will draft up a matching Tee for her in an appropriate size so that the girls can match. HELLO! I've also already got plans to make some long sleeve Tees as well.

Easy Peasy pajamas!


  1. Love them. Can't believe you made up a pair of PJ's AND dinner! Super women. xo

  2. Gorgeous! I'm currently sewing a bunch of long sleeved tees for my little girls too and some leggings, but for day wear. I really love the fabric you've used and Audrey looks super happy! Loving following along with your sewing :)

  3. Clever Clever you !! !! !!
    Love these pjs but love her smile even more so

  4. I mean, her hair. Color me jealous. Also, you are superwoman. The end.

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