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13/52 Audrey 2014 photo 52A_13.jpg
13/52 Margaret 2014 photo 52M_13.jpg
Audrey: We bundled up went and saw the hot air balloons early one morning. I loved watching your face as you saw them up close.
Margaret: Playtime for Margaret.

14/52 Audrey 2014 photo 52A_14.jpg
14/52 Margaret 2014 photo 52M_14.jpg
Audrey: Your favorite hairstyle: Princess braids. You ask for them daily and tell me every time how they are getting longer now.
Margaret: You are an eating machine! You helped yourself from a bag of apples.

15/52 Audrey 2014 photo 52A_15.jpg
15/52 Margaret 2014 photo 52M_15.jpg
Audrey: Yesterday we discovered that the feijoas had finally ripened and we brought in a basket. You haven't stopped eating them since.
Margaret: My sweet, beautiful girl. I love this age. I love you.

”A portrait of my daughters, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Previous portraits here:

All photos edited with A Beautiful Mess actions from the mini-collection. I'm not new to photoshop actions but I highly recommend these! They're really easy to use and I love the results. :)


  1. Oh, I just love their brown eyes! So lovely.

  2. Totally gorgeous! Thanks for sharing :)

  3. LOVE your photos! Can I ask what camera you use? x

  4. Cute! I love the princess braids! :)

  5. Absolutely gorgeous photo's of gorgeous girls x


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