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Monkey See

Monkey See photo monkey-see.jpg
Monkey See photo monkey-see1.jpg
Monkey DO photo monkey-see2.jpg
I was on the computer when I heard a strange noise. Margaret had found Audrey's drinking bottle and was sussing it out for herself*. She had figured it out at last! I wanted to snap a photo and document the moment, obviously, and snapped a few photos as I usually do. I looked over to find that Audrey was doing the same thing, mimicking what she had seen a hundred times before. She said, "I need to get a good photo, Mama."


So I had to document that too. ;)

I sure love my funny babis!

*this was awhile ago. I'm slow with the documenting these days.


  1. oh man!! Seriously, my Maci makes me double-check what I say these days because she is totally shadowing us all the time! "Take a pic of my toes mama!" and " Say cheese, big boy" (to baby brother) lol

    Your girls are so precious!

  2. Haha! Really, how adorable is she?!


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