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Frozen Pre-K Pack: review

Awhile back I saw that Wendi recommended a downloadable Frozen Pre-K Pack for toddlers. I hadn't seen the movie yet, so I book marked it for future use. Yaknow, just in case. Well, we eventually saw the movie and, you guessed it, Audrey is in love. She's added her favorite Frozen songs to her growing list of Disney songs that she sings around the house all day. So when I introduced the idea of sitting at the table and doing a few pages of "Frozen work" a day, she was KEEN.

There's some great activities that range in complexity to keep Audrey on her toes. There's pre-writing practice, cutting practice, Which one is different?, finish the pattern, size sequencing, Frozen Movie strip puzzle, counting practice, memory cards, and a load of other things.

 photo frozenPack1.jpg
 photo frozenPack2.jpg
 photo frozenPack4.jpg
 photo frozenPack3.jpg
 photo frozenPack5.jpg
 photo frozenPack6.jpg
Audrey LOVES it.

I LOVE seeing her serious expression as she sits at the table and arranges her pencils just so while she's waiting for me to set up the next activity for her. She takes her "frozen Work" really seriously, you know.

I LOVE seeing her focus as she tries to suss out the activity and how her eyes light up when it *clicks* for her. She smiles and claps as we celebrate her success together.
It's really fun!

It's really opened up the door for us to work on things together. Today she asked me to show her how to write the alphabet so we worked on her letters together. Yesterday we played a memory game! And she's really really good at it. *ahem* (she whooped me) These activities are perfect for keeping a toddler occupied on a rainy day. WIN!

So yeah. Fun stuff. Give it a go. IT'S FRREEEEEEEE! http://www.overthebigmoon.com/frozen-pre-k-pack/


  1. Awesome! Love watching little people learn! I might just give this a go with my niece... think it would be good for a 4yr old?

  2. It's all about frozen in this house too


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