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That time when Audrey cut her own hair

Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut.jpg
Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut2.jpg
Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut3.jpg
Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut4.jpg
Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut5.jpg

I looked at her freshly chopped hair with big eyes and calmly gave her a hug and handed her back to her papa. Then I walked into my room, closed the door, and I cried big fat alligator tears. We were in the other room when it happened. Phil walked in the lounge to get the girls dressed when I heard, "Oh no! Audrey! What have you done? LOVE! IT'S FINALLY HAPPENED!!" My first thought was, "We don't have any markers? She couldn't have drawn on furniture."

We had just finished watching Tangled and finished the part where Rapunzel's hair is cut short and Audrey wanted to cut her own hair too. We've watched it a dozen times but I didn't think that she'd actually TRY it!

After my sadness subsided we parted her hair differently and trimmed it all over to um... blend it in. And actually it's not so bad! I mean... it could have been worse right? And it'll only take another three years for it to grow out again. *big deep breath*

Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut7.jpg
I told her cutting her own hair was very naughty but that hair doesn't matter, she is still beautiful. And then I kissed her cute little nearly-3-year-old cheek and reminded her that I love her very much.

Phew. The adventures in motherhood.

Happy Mother's Day to me! ;)

Audrey's Haircut photo AudreyHaircut6.jpg


  1. Yes she is still beautiful and so are you xx

  2. Oh the horror! I am super impressed at your reaction, I usually laugh uncontrollably otherwise I'd cry. Happy Mothers Day xx

  3. Oh! You did a really good job of fixing it up! I had pictured much, much worse! Good job, mama!

  4. haha still beautiful and hair grows back :) 2 of my 3 girls have done it... I am sure the last one will have a go sometime :) Happy Mother's day!

  5. Haha! But how sweet of her to bestow upon you such a high honor. ;) The joys of motherhood, indeed. Happy Mother's Day, lady!

  6. oh! that last pic!
    Im sure every little girl does it! I

  7. My daughter did that to herself too, most recently last year and she was 11 then - left herself a patch right on her forehead about 5mm long. It does grow back - they learn the hard way.


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