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Link Love .001

Man, why do weekends feel like they go by so fast?*

This weekend we enjoyed spending some time with Audrey's cousins who are up visiting from Masterton. We miiiiissssed them.

This weekend we also did some tidying up outside, gardening, ate some fish and chips, and generally enjoyed the good weather. I could get used to Spring.

What did you get up to this weekend?

Link Love:

 photo 20140430-asian-greens-en-choy-thumb-610x457-398302.jpg
source: Serious Eats

  • The Serious Eats Field Guide to Asian Greens - I've been venturing out into the unknown and have started cooking with various Asian greens. I found this article really useful in decoding these new-to-me veggies.

  • I want to make this. Or something very like it. Watch this space.

  • Speaking of making things with wood. I bought a Kreg Jig Mini for  myself for my birthday and I'm totally excited and just a little bit nervous about getting over my fear of power tools.

  • 4 Ways To Turn A Hem  - The Coletterie has been running a blog series on all things hems. I found this article and the accompanying photos very helpful! Hemming sounds like it should be easy but it can be tricky to get it just right. If you've ever found yourself out of your depth with hemming then I highly recommend this blog series.

*Wait, it's Tuesday already? HOW?!


  1. When I plant snow peas, I'm definitely going to try cooking the leaves! Yum. And that table? Gorgeous!


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