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New Year Traditions

Okay, so this is a little late but it's too beautiful not to document.

We've made it a tradition to go camping around Christmas and the New Year. It's a lovely time of year and we've got an absolutely gorgeous spot. There's a little cabin next to a creek and we're tucked in by rolling hills, trees, and the calls of native birds. It's perfect really. The first year we went I traipsed through the fields with Audrey gathering wildflowers and weeds to fashion into a flower crown for the girls. We took some photos and spun around enjoying our hard work and resolved to do it again next year.

This year was no exception and we went camping in the same beautiful spot with family. As we were packing up we braided another flower crown to document our little holiday.

Seeing these photos side by side fills me with pride at my beautiful girls and makes my heart ache a little at how fast they grow.



So here's to family holidays, little traditions that make things special, and soaking your children up before they grow up. Because they grow up way too fast.



  1. Heart melt! Boy am I learning that they grow fast! How awesome to have a family spot :)

  2. Just precious! I love these little traditions. And comparison pictures from year to year, slay me.

  3. And what a lovely tradition to have!! We are yet to go camping as a family, but it is something I really want to do before my boys get too big!

  4. Thanks for sharing this blog its very informative and useful for us.



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