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A Busy Bee and Rotten Apples

This Saturday was rainy. Really really rainy. So we did what any sane people would do. We went out into the rain to pick mostly rotten apples from an orchard that is going to be torn down soon.

We put on our raincoats and gumboots and made our way into the orchard to find half decent apples to salvage. Literally, they were only half decent as they were mostly half frost bitten and rotting. The parts that were good though, are really reeaaaally good. Since they have been on the tree this whole time, they are wonderfully incredibly sweet.

We brought back pounds and pounds of apples. We have been chopping, and peeling, and cutting away, and salvaging apples since then.

Ta-Da! Clean apples!

We have preserved apples, stewed them, made apple sauce out of them, and plan to make apple jam. It's amazing! We have gained and made so much out of something that was left to rot and be thrown away! Oh and it was all free. That's incredible too.

Aside from dealing with literal small mountains of apples... we have been up to a number of other things! Me and the Mister made homemade whole wheat pasta for a lasagna. Oh man. Talk about yum.

Oh. And I'm knitting work socks for my Mr. van der Wel. I only have one done right now. I'll hopefully begin the second one today.

This busy bee seriously needs a nap.

Talia Christine

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