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Dream Boots

I love shoes. I can't help it. I daydream about new shoes. It's silly. I know.

Even though I have no plans to buy new shoes any time soon, a girl can dream. Here are my current loves in the shoe department. Boots and oxfords.

1. Time Bomb Vintage
2. Little Veggie Vintage 3. Old Baltimore Vintage
4. Urban Outfitters

1. Bohemiam Bisoux
2. Lexi Monster's Vintage 3. Learn To Read
4. Old Baltimore Vintage

Aaahhhh, aren't they so gorgeous?? What are your favorite shoes?

Talia Christine

Note: Oh! And our stuff in shipping has arrived in Auckland! It still has to go through customs but we should be able to pick it up next week. I can't WAIT!! I'm so excited to have all my craft stuff again.

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