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Daffodil Farm

This morning I received a call from Jess to go along with her and the kids to meet Paula at a daffodil farm. Of course I said yes! We took a gorgeous drive out to the farm, and after a few wrong turns we made it!

The drive was worth it. There were sooo many tulips and daffodils. Some were in bloom and others were not far off. The place was gorgeous.

Tulips are actually my favorite flowers. Tulips and hydrangeas are the best.

No one was there at the time, but you could still purchase bulbs, pots of tulips and daffodils, or buy them buy the bunch! There was a little self serve shack with a bucket for the money. How cute is that?? I'll take one please!

I chose a small bundle of white daffodils. They look so fresh and bright!

It was a perfect little outing. I really enjoyed our little adventure! I'll definitely be going back sometime for more fresh flowers. You can't beat it!

Talia Christine


  1. You're such a good photographer Talia! It looks even cuter in your pictures than it was in real life!



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