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Job hunting

I've been on the hunt for a job for a few weeks now. I have had my first interview this morning. It has been a few years since I've interviewed for anything and I had forgotten how exhausting it is! The interview went really well and I get great vibes from the owner of the company and from all the staff. We'll see how things go!

It feels good but strange to be entering into the professional work force again. I really miss Rackspace (my previous employer) sometimes. I realize what a great company I was working for. Hats off to you Rackers. You work really hard, but you have it pretty good. I learned a lot during my time there and my time there was invaluable to me.
Also I miss working with my sister. That was pretty fun too.

Me and Phil are going to a young adults church retreat this weekend so we will be gone a few days. Hopefully sometime next week we will be able to pick up our belongings from shipping! They have arrived in Auckland and are currently going through customs. It's kind of a headache, but I am so excited to have the rest of my shoes, clothes, and ALLL my crafting stuff! It has been too long since I have been without my craft supplies. Ahhh it won't be long now!

In the meantime... cross your fingers for the job hunt!

Talia Christine

P.S. - Thinking about cutting my bangs fringe shorter. What do you think? Opinions?


  1. that middle photo is super cute :)
    all thebest for job-hunting and YAY! for getting your crafty stuff :D x

  2. Tell me if you need any letters of recommendation. I would be happy to write one for one of the brightest shining star Rackers that I've every had the pleasure of working with!
    ~Shannon Forester

  3. Good luck with the job hunting I hope it goes well for you!! That's awesome you'll finally be getting your crafting stuff back! I bet you were lost without it :P As far as your bangs go, I say cut them! Hair always grows back :)

  4. Dee: Thanks!! Yes I'm pretty excited about getting all my crafting stuff back!

    Mama Shannon: Thank you so much for offering to write a letter of recommendation. I would work for you again in a minute. You are a Rackstar!

    Courtney: Yes! Hair grows back, especially my bangs. They seem to grow crazy fast. I think I will do it! And yes, I feel so lost without my crafting things! Wah!

  5. Your hair looks awesome!! Don't cut it!!!

  6. Haha Thanks, Mom! I've already cut my hair since I've been here. The pics are from this morning, after I cut it myself (last week or so?). I'm just trying to decide whether to cut my bangs shorter or not.

    I'm glad you like my hair!

  7. Good Luck on the job hunt! i know how frustrating it can be! Best wishes!

  8. Wow your blog (and you!) is cute! Why did you move here? Good luck with finding a job! My Dad's having a tough time finding work after being made redundant, but hopefully there's HEAPS more good jobs up in AKL. :-)

  9. You look so great! They would be crazy not to have you. I do miss working with you too though. It's very lame not having a chat buddy all day. What good days we had!

    Have a wonderful retreat <3

    Love love love


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