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My hair is often a mild mess untamed. Once the split ends start it all goes downhill from there. Often I find myself staring at my dead ends and wondering what to do.

Today I decided I would pull out the scissors and give it a go at cutting my hair myself! My bangs (er, fringe) were way too long. I had tons of split ends (I have naturally, very dry hair. and ALOT of it!) and my curls had no where to go.

It was a success!

It was really only a little trim. I suspect I will need another trim soon, but it was a milestone in my books and decidedly a victory. I love being able to make and do things myself in all aspects of life--whether that pertains to crafting and knitting my own things or baking things from scratch. Being able to cut my own hair is so satisfying! I'd like my bangs to be even a bit shorter but I'll sport this length a few days to see if I like it. Once I start cutting my hair it is hard to stop. Eek. I know, right?

It's really only a little thing, but a little trim and the new (old) bangs make me feel like me again, though I do have secret plans to change them up sometime soon.

In the meantime... I'm loving my new trimmed hair-do!

Talia Christine


  1. You look gorgeous!!

  2. Beautiful! Once again, is there anything you can't do? ;)
    PS: Love the banner in the background! ;)

  3. Thanks, Mom! <3

    Thanks, Jess! Yes, the banner in the background is my favorite decoration in our lounge. It fits soooo perfectly!! I'm a fan ;)


  4. You're hair looks great, I always get really nervous just before I cut mine. Sometimes it comes out great other times.....we just wont talk about those,

  5. Your hair is beautiful and looks really great!! I've started cutting my own hair since I don't trust the hairdresser. I'm looking for the appropiate pair of scissors because I need a trim.

    Also, your blog looks interesting...I'm gonna star following it

    Stop by mine http://tinyandguilty.blogspot.com/
    Im a newbie!!


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