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I'm a sewing machine

... sewing up a storm!
An actual a storm too, because it's been really rainy around these parts! For all those that live around the area: Sorry, y'all! ;)

I've had (and have) a million sewing projects on my list and after browsing the talented Kristin's blog, I've felt really inspired to get off my butt and get sewing!

I turned a couple of old t-shirts into little leggings for Audrey! Some plain, some ruffly on the bum. I die for little ruffles on babies. The cuteness kills me and it never gets old.


We use cloth nappies on Audrey. We love them, but cloth nappies are quite a bit bulkier than disposable nappies. Baby clothes typically aren't made for cloth nappies. This is where making your own leggings is really helpful! Big on the bum and skinny on the legs. So cute.

I've also been whipping up a couple of these cuties! All in all each skirt takes about half an hour. I could probably sew them faster if I weren't such a wreck with the sewing machine. There's a lot of unpicking involved because I soooometimes get a little too excited with sewing really really fast.


The dark blue is a little skirt I made with leftover fabric from a skirt I made for myself. Now me and Audrey can match! Again! The polka dot skirt is for a friend.

SO cute, eh?

Dear friends,

I think you should have more baby girls. Just sayin.



  1. oh my! those skirts are gorgeous!!
    lucky Audrey~


  2. Aw Talia these are gorgeous!! Sometimes i wish i had a whee girl to do this for.. I run out of idea for J, i've done sleeveless hoodies, applique tee's and trying to finish off denim cut off shorts at the mo.. if you come across cute boys idea - let me know!

  3. those skirts are adorable! I love that you made one to match your own. serious cuteness! x

  4. CUTE! AAARGH! That grey and white skirt is just too awesome!


  5. They are too cute! I feel inspired to scrub up on my sewing skills and get busy. Love your blog BTW. Been doing some catch up! Jx

  6. i second lisa! just came over from beetleshack and you don't disappoint, just lovely.

  7. Beeootiful.

    I am also a sucker for a ruffle bum. can't beat a ruffle for added sweetness. As if babes weren't is enough.


  8. These are soooo cute! You're very talented! I can basically sew a square, and that's it.

  9. Just discovered your blog through Em at The Beetle Shack, and i'm in love with it!
    Audrey is insanely cute and i've just full-on blog stalked you to read your birth story! We're 7 months nearly so it was an awesome read. Go you with the natural childbirth. Just hoping I can be as strong and determined.
    I'll be back later to stalk some more! x

  10. oh my! everything is SO adorable! you go girl!

  11. Wow, you have such a skill with making things. The skirts and the leggings are lovely.


  12. I'm brand new to your blog but I just wanted to say....

    Oh my gosh! Those are absolutely adorable! LOL I got a sewing machine over a year ago and it sits collecting dust in my art studio =( I am not very good with it but maybe with some practice, it wouldn't be so bad. I love those little leggings and skirts!


  13. You are superdeeduper talented!! :)

  14. very cute! did you make up the skirt pattern yourself? :)

  15. adorable!!! i can't wait to have a baby just so i can make them clothes

  16. How clever are you?! So sweet.
    I've just discovered your blog and it's love at first sight. Audrey is my little girl's middle name (was my grandmother's name) - just beautiful. I look forward to reading more! :) xx

  17. can I buy some boy pants!!!?!? I too used reusables and know what you mean!


  18. These are beautiful! I too am a big fan of ruffles on baby girls. I love love love those skirts!

  19. These are adorable! I am going to have to try them for our new little addition! Thank so much for the ideas. I love your blog and your creativity. I have given you a "Versatile Blog" award. For more info, go to here:


  20. where did you get the pattern for these adorable skirts?

    1. I found the pattern here. It's called the Taking Notes Skirt:


  21. Pretty amazing work on the author's part and This blog is a five star work.


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