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Audrey watching TV

This is Audrey.

Watching TV.

She's totally engrossed.

We need to get a reign on this. But it's so funny!

Talia Christine

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  1. oh dear...I know that face all too well! We don't have a telly, but the computer doubles as one with mesmerizing BBC children's programming!

  2. found you on pinterest.. found your blog. amazing ! i am trying to create one myself.. love your art and style. your story is inspiring and awesome i'm a utahn thinking of moving to australia we'd be neighbors. oh btw you picked a good name for your daughter ;)
    mines' Audree Jane.
    Have a lovely day

  3. Hello
    i found your on top baby blogs and i am totally and utterly in love with your blog!! i am so glad i found it!

    Keri-Anne (your newest liker!!) xxxxxxxx


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