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Wellington: Thrift Finds

On our trip to Wellington, I took advantage of stopping by a few of the many incredible thrift stores there. Man oh man. I scored big time, guys! I've had a few things on my list that I've kept my eye out for awhile now and was floored to check off so many things off my list!

Someone please take me back there to do more shopping. Also I need more monies. Anybody?

First, I was given this gorgeous (and hilarious) vintage cat salt shaker and matching milk jug. Yes. Milk pours out of the cat's mouth.

Best gift ever. Thanks, Inti!!

salt shaker and milk jug
cat milk jug

My second find was this simple linen shirt (heart be still) and this gorgeous fluttery black skirt that fits like a glove. No alterations needed! When I tried on the linen shirt I fell in deep deep love. It's simple and light weight. Perfect for layering or for summer! The construction is pretty simple, I think I may make myself a few more of these tops in different fabrics.

linen shirt

Next I found these incredible orange owls. They were originally salt and pepper shakers but I think they are too pretty for that. One is destined for decoration in my house. The other to fly away.

They may be my new favorite thrift find.


These tea towels were too awesome to pass up. Cats and various herbs and spices?? Yes, please. We bought this one from a local cat store in Petone. The owner was so intense about cats. Bless him.

cats teatowel
cats teatowel

We found this gorgeous morepork/ruru tea towel in MadeIt, a cute little boutique we stumbled upon in the city. I've had my eye on the artist that made the tea towel for awhile. It was nice to see her work in person.

morepork/ruru teatowel
morepork/ruru teatowel

Lastly, I found these two dresses that I immediately fell in love with.

The first dress is a tent. Like.. almost an actual tent. Me and Phil and Audrey could all fit into it at once. I have big plans to restyle it for a cute summer look.

vintage dress

This second dress is a dream. It fits perfectly and has the most gorgeous detailing. I love love this dress!

vintage dress

I'm so pleased with all my finds! There's nothing like an incredibly successful thrift expedition.

What thrifting treasures have you found lately?

Talia Christine


  1. My oh my, I love that white dress! You are going to look beautiful in that! (Well, you look beautiful in everything you wear, actually...)

  2. Love all your thrift finds!!!! I just did some thrifting too and made a few videos about my finds...please feel free to check them out..
    and here: http://theenchantingworldofmiladyleela.blogspot.com/2011/10/thrifting-and-videos-make-perfect-pair.html
    I hope you enjoy.

  3. Awesome finds! Both of those dresses are too cute and I love that cat towels. That cat man sounds pretty cute too ;)


  4. those last 2 dresses are gorgeous! great finds!

    i would have expected wellington to be really picked over seeing as it's a larger city?
    i haven't been op shopping for ages and really starting to feel the itch. must go soon... :)


  5. What fabulous finds! I especially love the cat stuff. Lately I haven't been thrifting (no monies...boo) but definitely am aching to find some winter wear soon!

  6. Ooo so theres some good oppies in NZ too..may have to pop over for a haul lol. Nice work!

  7. i would have gotten married in that last dress. GORGEOUS!!! i had a great thrifting "Me date" the other day and i can't wait to blog about it this week. it's even better because it was all stuff for our nursery! :)


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