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Project: In Stitches


Lately I've had this growing desire to get more serious about sewing my own clothes. I've made a few pieces here and there, I've even made a skirt or two from scratch, and I've definitely altered a lot of store bought clothing. But I've had this itch lately about wanting to take my sewing to the next level. I want to challenge myself and learn new skills. I actually want to be able to dream things up and sew it and make it happen. The thought of it is daunting to me but I'm ready to give it a try.

Welcome to 'Project: In Stitches'.

This series will follow my journey in sewing more clothes for myself. I'll attempt to fatten my wardrobe with minimal costs by sewing things myself. I'll challenge myself to grow and learn new skills (Hello to invisible zippers and mastering knit fabrics!). And I'll strive for quality and ending up with a wearable piece that doesn't... y'know. Look homemade.

I plan on sewing a few dresses, a few tops, revisiting some patterns I've already made before (to get more mileage out of them), and will alter some clothes that just don't fit quite right.

I'm kind of really excited. And a bit nervous?

project: tmdm

Join in with me!


  1. oh fun! sounds like a great challenge

  2. Fantastic Talia!! I will love to watch how your journey unfolds....I'm all for learning new skills :) And really knits aren't all that scary once you understand them....investing in a double stretch needle is a good idea, as it will make sewing neck bindings and hems so much easier :)
    I also have been thinking about how I must continue making more clothes for myself, I was on a roll and just let other things get in the way.....so I'll probably be joining you :))

  3. Exciting! Will love to see how you go and will hopefully manage to join in at least once!

  4. Go you! Exciting journey ... thank you for sharing it with us!

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  6. YAY!! I love this so much!!! I get such a thrill when people do something to accomplish what they actually want to do!!

    I tried to do this in spring last year, it was going to be my summer sewing challenge (very similar goals!!!) but then I went and got pregnant and my body totally changed along with morning sickness. I'll do it again when things settle down! In the mean time I'm trying to learn more about crochet so I can be great at it, not just good. I'd love to be able to make up patterns and turn whats in my head into reality!


  7. I love this idea! Maybe you can add a 'link with me' thingy (no idea what they are actually called) to the bottom of your posts and we can all play along?! I have soo many things I want to make but I never seem to have the time.. that might be the motivation I need! :)


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