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Emma's Food Bag: Calamari with Spiced Chickpeas

We cooked our first meal from the food bag and tonight's dinner was a hit! We had calamari with spiced chickpeas in lettuce boats with a fresh salsa. It was a totally new experience cooking with squid and I LOVED it. The whole dish was really fun and different than our norm.

Emma's Food Bag: Calamari photo dinner2.jpg
Emma's Food Bag: Calamari photo dinner3.jpg
Emma's Food Bag: Calamari photo dinner4.jpg
Emma's Food Bag: Calamari photo dinner1.jpg
I was concerned that we wouldn't have enough food for both Phil and I plus our two girls but I cooked it up anyway with the intention of filling up on toast if there wasn't enough, but there was! There certainly weren't any leftovers. I couldn't finish my plate so Phil lent a hand with helping me finish my portion ;) I was nervous that neither of the girls would be into this new dish but they both ate with gusto, though Audrey took a bit long with the chickpeas. It's not that she didn't like it, she just takes F O R E V E R to eat. Margaret had trouble chewing the calamari but after I gave her a hand with that she gobbled it up.

The calamari was DELISH and the spiced chickpeas have become a new fave of mine. They were SO easy to make, that's what I really loved about them.


Thoughts: I was surprised at how rich the calamari was! I was expecting it to feel light and I would feel ravenous later but it was VERY filling. I loved that the salsa added a big element of freshness to the overall dish keeping it from being too rich. YUM!

Liked: The whole thing! He had no complaints other than he wished there was more because he loved it.

Loved: The calamari. I was quite pleased with that!

Loved: The chickpeas were definitely Margaret's favorite.

What's the most adventurous thing you've eaten or cooked lately? Are your family adventurous eaters? x

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