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Knit Peplum and Floral Leggings

Knit Peplum and Floral Leggings photo peplum.jpg
Knit Peplum and Floral Leggings photo peplum2.jpg
Knit Peplum and Floral Leggings photo peplum4.jpg
Knit Peplum and Floral Leggings photo peplum7.jpg
Knit Peplum and Floral Leggings photo peplum6.jpg
Knit Peplum and Floral Leggings photo peplum5.jpg
Peplum Fabric: I used some leftover stretchy/sturdy jersey that I bought years ago, It's the ultimate stretch/weight for me!
Peplum Pattern: Self drafted
Leggings Fabric: gifted to me by Leonie, perfect for these leggings!
Leggings Pattern: Go-To Leggings

After seeing Craftiness Is Not Optional's Pippa Peplum and Floral Leggings I was inspired to make my own! I didn't use the Pippa Peplum pattern, it was easy enough to draft my own, but I did use my handy Go-To Leggings. LOVE THAT PATTERN.

I love how it turned out! I want to make a longer sleeve version in a dark floral knit and make some grey leggings to mix and match. Stay tuned!

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  1. She's adorable and that outfit is so cute!

  2. The clothes look great! And your little model is gorgeous :) I'm so inspired to make clothes for our girls...I wish I were more handy with the machine!!

  3. Oh My Goodness! My granddaughter is soooo cute! The clothes are beautiful! You are getting so good at this! Love mom

  4. I've just caught up with your last few blog posts and am totally for a link up! Not sure how regularly.... but I kinda want to say ... weekly? I used to join in with my creative space that regularly and if it was weekly it would keep me motivated!

    1. also, adorable and gorgeous sewing of course!


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