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One Year In New Zealand

A year ago yesterday, I walked off the plane into New Zealand. I held Phil's hand and held my breath as they looked over my visa and stamped my passport. It was the second time I'd been to New Zealand, but it would be the first time I could call New Zealand home.

After lots of traveling it was incredible to put away the suitcases and begin to settle down! I discovered meat pies, new friends, and pukekos.

I fell in love with the New Zealand countryside and scenery. I'm still madly in love with it. I hope one day to move out to the countryside and I hope I never take this beautiful scenery for granted.

Our Evening Walks
Our Evening Walks
Our Evening Walks

The Mister shaved off the moustache.
He regrew the moustache.
He grew a beard.
I think he's super handsome with or without facial hair. But he DOES grow an incredible moustache and beard. He has moustache and beard growing super powers.

Goodbye Moustache
Goodbye Moustache

We bought a house. We made a home.

Lounge Suite

We made an announcement. We watched my belly grow.

Big Happy News!!!

Phil quit work on the orchard and started a new job.

New Job!
New Job!New Job!

Our friends threw us a baby shower and we got ready for the arrival of Baby vdW.

Baby Shower
Baby Shower
Nursery Sneak Peek
Nursery Sneak Peek

We waited. I knitted this and that. We waited some more.
Baby Socks

Then finally the day came. She changed our lives forever.


We watched Audrey grow so much in the last 6 weeks.
4 Weeks Old

A lot has happened in a year. We have been blessed so richly. We have so much to be thankful for. We have so much to look forward to.

I love you, Phil. Thanks for being my husband. Thanks for introducing New Zealand to me. I love our life together.

This Texas girl has settled in quite nicely.

Talia Christine

Though I do miss Texas BBQ. And cheap Mexican food.


  1. so beautiful! congratulations on one year in that beautiful country :)

  2. What an amazing packed full year!!!

    I hope the next is even more adventurous and filled with love (if that's even possible!!?)

  3. Glad to have you here in New Zealand. Wonderful to watch your family grow. God is good. Love you! Mum van der Wel

  4. You are so lucky to be able to live such an adventurous and lovely life! I'd desperately love to visit New Zealand one day (hopefull to study abroad...better start saving now!). You have such a cute daughter and from what it sounds like an amazing husband! So glad you shared this past year with the blogoverse!


  5. WOW! So much has happened - what a busy year! Welcome to New Zealand, and happy one year here!

  6. originally from texas, i understand the bbq longings. but it looks like new zealand is treating you well. such a lovely place to settle down!

  7. facial hair growing super powers. i'm a believer.

  8. ohh i love mexican food.

    besides that, your life seems truly amazing. congrats :)


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